A. Surf Trip

1. Half Day Gerupuk Bay   (4 hours)
Additional Person
2. Half Day Mawi or Are Goling    (4 hours)
    Additional Person
3. Gerupuk and Mawi or Are Goling (Full Day)
    Additional Person
: IDR 500.000, 1-2 person
: IDR  150.000
: IDR 650.000, 1-3 person
: IDR  150.000
: IDR 950.000, 1-3 person
: IDR  150.000

Good to know!!!

  1. 4 persons maximum in a group
  2. Include: Transport, boat, a surf guide and service
  3. Option number 3, transport service Kuta area
  4. Get FREE wave forecast and tide chart for Indian Ocean (Lombok)
  5. Get 5 to 10 % Discounts for any item of surf merchandise at surf shop
  6. Any other surf spots can be arrange such as: Ekas Bay, Desert Point, Sumbawa
  7. We are your local surf adviser for best surf result.

B. Surf Lesson (4 hours)

Price Additional Person : IDR 525.000 (for a starter person) : IDR 275.000/person

Good to know!!!

  1. a lesson takes maximum 4 person
  2. One coach/guide für each person
  3. Depend on the swell and ocean tide conditions

Apparel, equipment, buy & sell surboards, surf trips, surf lessons
Rental: surfboard, bike & car… DING REPAIR!!!

All those rates written for the hotel, room, bike and transport are organized by KimenSurf, Lombok.
For reservation please get back to:, phone/fax: +62370655064

All Questions, Answered!!!